Cirque Du Soleil Artists needed a new way to share their years of experience during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and show closures

We created Cirqueathome to take virtual personal training to a whole new level


Our unique instructors have years of training and teaching experience.


Our team of worldwide instructors is ready to motivate you to get the results you want.


Get the exercise, connection and stress-relief you need during this unprecedented time

Because who doesn't secretly want to run away with the circus?

Our years of experience makes our classes a unique experience that you will come back for over and over again.
We can't wait to be onstage again, but until that time comes, connect with us here!

The most important thing we can have right now is our health.

Cirqueathome promotes that a healthy lifestyle, a fit body and an active mind are the key to getting through the pandemic.

Get vaccinated, get a booster, wear a mask, be kind to each other, wash your hands. We love you.