Hoop Diver, Chinese Pole

Florida, USA

A young man with a future so bright that we cannot wait to see where the industry takes him. Melvin is a truly dedicated professional artist, motivated, adaptable and responsible. Melvin has a personality that draws people in with his natural generosity, curiosity, killer sense of humor and lets face it, damn good looks!
Melvin could achieve anything he puts his mind to. Nobody that knows Melvin, would be surprised if he becomes the next big thing in Hollywood or Cannes as he is fluent in French and English.
A graduate of Ecole Nationale De Cirque in 2013, Melvin performed for Festival Ebouf, Circus Flora, 7-Digits and Midnight Circus. As a cast member on Cirque Du Soleil's, Luzia, Melvin's performance as a hoop diver and Chinese pole artist was beloved by audiences, he motivated and activated the crowd, and revved up the energy in the tent to a fever pitch.
As a Cirqueathome team member Melvin's brings the talent and energy to motivate you and bring out your very best.