Guitarist, Composer, Music Producer

Mexico City, MEXICO

A professional Musician since 15, Rodrigo is a guitarist of exceptional talent and versatility. A specialist in any plucked strummed and picked stringed electric and Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Oud, Sitar, Slide guitar, Jarana Jarocha, Jarana Guasteca, Charango -Acoustic and electric Keyboard. Rodrigo is a Performer, Guitarist, Composer, Teacher and Producer with a huge range of experience on over 1000 different productions. As a performer, he travelled the world with Cirque Du Soleils, Luzia, even mastering the art of playing Marimbas whilst supporting a Crocodile head. Onstage he rocked out like no other, drawing the audience onto the stage and into the party, or slowly soothing and warming them up in the atmospheric glow of the pre-show. Now at home in Mexico, join with Rodrigo and learn or master your current instrument, or expand your knowledge and pick up a whole new one!